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Hello, and welcome to Many Sided Media! You may know us best as the team behind My First Dungeon, the Twenty Sided Podcast, and the Twenty Sided Newsletter . But with a love of games as big as ours, you know we couldn’t just stop there. We’ve got big plans for the future, with the goal of bringing you even more TTRPG content, and this is the absolute best place to keep up to date with each exciting new venture.

P.S. Our My First Dungeon Patreon, The Dice Pool, is now live!

Patrons get access to even more actual play episodes featuring both new games and old favorites, as well as cast talk backs for each season, interviews with TTRP all-stars and more fun goodies. There’s even an exclusive Discord channel for you to tell us all the things you like, the things you love, and the things you want to see more of. If you’re looking to support us in producing all the major MFD seasons, plus get all the bonus goodies, then come on over and join us in the Dice Pool. SPLASH!

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